The Most Important Things You Should Remember and Expect if You are Planning to Live in Spain

The Most Important Things You Should Remember and Expect if You are Planning to Live in Spain

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Living in Spain is the dream of many a person from the United Kingdom, especially if you have experienced staying in Spain several times or for an extended period. The life in Spain is much more laid-back than the UK and other countries on the mainland, and the weather is warm and sunny throughout the entire year, with a few cold spells now and again, but who’s counting? Arguably, the life in Spain is more relaxed, more easygoing, and you have the advantage of great beaches and mountains, too. Some are lucky enough to turn their dream into reality, but for those who are still debating whether a move to Spain would really be to their benefit, here’s what you should know as well as expect if you are planning to live in Spain.

How’s the transport connection?

You may already be aware that living in Spain entails a much more relaxed lifestyle, and your British pounds can definitely take you to a lot of places. But most people who are debating whether to make the leap to life in Spain are also concerned about being far away from their friends and family. Well, the thing is, there are now plenty of regular flights from low-cost airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair, so you can easily go back to the UK for a short visit if you are so inclined. Of course, you can take advantage of regular flights from bigger carriers such as Iberia and British Airways, but this just shows your many options when it comes to transport links. Also, since Spain is well-located in Europe, you also have the chance to visit other countries nearby and even visit farther regions such as Africa and Asia from one of the many international airports scattered across the country.

How are the people?

If you are worried about how well you can adjust to the culture in Spain, there really is no cause for concern. People are known for their hospitality as well as friendliness, and you’ll instantly feel more than welcome once you get out of your comfort zone. It’s easy for British expats to integrate into the Spanish lifestyle and Spanish society, and if you want to feel even more at home, there are plenty of other British citizens who have decided to make Spain their permanent home, as confirmed by the specialists in real estate in Moraira from

How is the lifestyle?

Needless to say, the lifestyle is exceedingly pleasant, and you should be able to acclimatise right away. People take the time to enjoy the outdoors, and you will often see people gathered together in restaurants, bars and cafes, and someone’s back gardens. The people are laid-back and relaxed, and everyone makes it a point to spend time with loved ones and friends.

What is the cost of living?

The cost of living in Spain is something which may give you a pleasant surprise as well. Although some things and expenses may cost much the same as in the UK, such as electricity and water, almost everything else is less expensive. This includes the food and drinks, particularly if you are going local.

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